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Department of Culture of Zhejiang Province


Main Functions

(I) Implement the Party’s and the State’s guidelines and policies on cultural works, and study and draft local rules and regulations on culture and art.

(II) Study and draft the Province’s culture & art causes’ development plan, conduct organization and implement and promote mechanism reform in culture and art field. 

(III) Guide and manage all the literature and art causes including drama, music, dance, Qu Yi, acrobatics, fine arts, calligraphy, photography, etc. in the Province, and guide artistic creation and production, promote the development of various arts; organize and guide the Province’s major cultural activities.

(IV) Promote the Province’s public cultural services in culture & art field, plan and guide the production of public cultural products, draft the Province’s preliminary construction guidelines on cultural causes, and guide the construction of key cultural facilities and basic level’s cultural facilities.

(V) Draft the Province’s intangible cultural heritages conservation plan, related rules and regulations, and organize and implement the conservation of intangible cultural heritage and inheritance and popularization of excellent national culture.

(VI) Guide and manage the Province’s social cultural causes, guide the causes of libraries, art galleries, cultural centers, and comprehensive cultural stations and basic levels’ cultural construction, and guide the construction of cultural information and resources sharing project and the protection of ancient books.

(VII) Draft the Province’s culture & art industries’ development plans and polices, guide and coordinate culture & art industries development.

(VIII) Study and draft the Province’s cultural market development plans and related policies, coordinate and guide the Province’s comprehensive law enforcement on the cultural market; responsible to supervise the culture & art industries’ operating activities, and guide and supervise voluntary organizations that engaged in performing art activities.

(IX) Responsible for pre-approval of literature and art products’ online propagation, and for management of operating license for Internet service business premises’ such as Internet bars, etc., and supervise the online game service (excluding pre-approval of Internet games’ online publishing).

(X) Study and draft the Province’s animation and game industries’ development plans, guide and coordinate animation and game industries’ developments.

(XI) Study and draft the cultural and science & technology development plan, supervise its implementation, and promote culture and science & technology’s information construction.

(XII) Study and draft the Province’s development plan for external cultural exchanges, conduct centralized management by specialized departments on external cultural exchanges and cultural exchanges with Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, declare, organize and implement the Province’s external cultural exchange plans and programs in accordance with related regulations, promote the external cultural industries’ development and cooperation.

(XIII) Guide business activities of cultural industry associations and social cultural organizations.

(XIV) Undertake other matters assigned by the Provincial Government.

Address: No.53 Shuguang Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.
Public Telephone: +86-571-85212195 85212172
Supervisory Telephone: +86-571-85212174
E-Mail: swht@zjwh.gov.cn
Website: http://www.zjwh.gov.cn