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Xiao Bai Hua Yue Opera Fund of Zhe Jiang Province

Add:No.15 New Jiang Gong Road, Hangzhou

Deputy of Corporation: Mao Wei Tao
Chairman: Mao Wei Tao
Secretary General: Wang Xiao Liang
Corporation area: Collect, manage and make use of the fund

The Fund, which established in June 1993,is sponsored by more than 40 social worthies nationwide. Authorized by Zhe Jiang Province Branch Of People's Bank of China as a non-profit social organization, the tenet of the Fund is to develop traditional culture of China, encouraging productions of art, foster actors and promote the traditional Yue Opera in China.

The main target of this Fund is to imbrues Yue opera shows, foster Yue opera actors, honor great contributors of Yue Opera art in Zhe Jiang Province and sponsor for activities and performances about Yue Opera intercommunications.

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