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Zhejiang Movie Industry After the Reform and Open-Up

  With setting things to rights after the Third Session of the Eleventh National Congress, the movie industry obtained a chance of rebirth. In 1978, the Zhejiang Movie School was established and the Zhejiang Movie Equipment Factory was enlarged. One year later, Zhejiang Film studio recovered from the impacts and began to screen a lot of feature films, documentaries and science & education films. From 1979, Zhejiang Culture Bureau and Zhejiang Art Association have held a screen play exchange meeting every year. After the foundation of China Filmdom Committee Zhejiang Branch, its main role has been the encouragement and supervision of the movie scripts.
    Under these measures, the Zhejiang filmdom has made great progresses in script writing and presented many movie scripts which reflected the social reality and revolutionary history. These screen plays were made into movies by the movie studios all over the country, such as the movies about the life styles of modern youth like Youth, Romance of the Sea, Love and Heritage, Pizzazz Everywhere, Silk Story in a Riverside Town, The Xizi Girl, Bird and Flower, Feast in Heaven; the social conflictions like Bitter Fruit, Invisible Net, Why Gave the Birth to Me, Who Is the Third Party, Guangyin Is Twelve-year-old This Year, The Replevied Love, The Smart Detective; the minority tribe's life like Tea Song in Pie Mountain; the children's life like Fox Hunting the Hunter, Four Little Friends, Sonata of a Little Urchin, Luminous Pearl, The Action of the Special Mixed Armada; the revolutionary history like The University in Exile, Scholar in Army, The Creation of the New World. The commercial and entertaining movies became very popular then like R4 Mystery, The Robbery of Gold Coins, The Mystery of the Heaven Dynasty's Fisk, Special Women Detachment, The Mysteriously Disappeared Boat; and in1990s, more and more commercial films were presented like Street Knight, Winds and Rains on Old House, Iron-willed Heroes, The Yearning Gooses in the Winds and Rains, The Information Battle On an Isolated Island, Far-east Spy War, The Secretly Screened Tape, Blood Memorial Ceremony, Secret Days Again, Black Bolt, The Lost Hero, Firebolt Policewomen, Outrageous Boxer, Bodyguard Hasier, Urban Tussle, The First Kiss, The Crazy Boy and the Loving Girl, Brothers in Luohe Town, Nu'erhong Wine and Color Belts Wield in the Sky.
Luminous Pearl, feature, 1987.
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