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Zhejiang Movie Industry After Liberation

  Zhejiang Movie industry stepped into a healthy and normal development stage after the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949. The movie industry made a new restart thanks to the reconstructions to the cinemas, to the movie market and the policies to encourage the development of the industry. In 1958, under the instructions of the nation's Culture Department, the Shanghai Film Studio supported the newly built Zhejiang Film studio with a complete producing team in screening the feature films. The team included the director Shu Shi, actor and actress like Li Wei, Murong Wan'er, Zhang Wan and Zhang Ying, and a staff of photographers, art designers and sound engineers. The factory had screened over 20 acts of Zhejiang News Briefing, the documentaries like Red Flags of Harvest Everywhere and Two Dragons Chasing the Pearl and Happiness Everywhere and the documentary feature film The Youth with High Spirit, etc. In the same year, Zhejiang Slides Studio was established.
    Shao Opera movie The Monkey King Fighting the Skeleton Monster, screened in 1950 by Tian Ma (heavenly horse) Movie Studio.
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