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Zhejiang Folk Instrumental Music
     Zhejiang folk instrumental music can date back to ancient times. In Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Huiji (the present Shaoxing) used to be the capital of Yue State, so place around Zhejiang was of great strategic importance in the war between Wu State and Yue State. Judging from the cultural relics unearthed in past years, music and culture of the Middle Plain had begun to spread in Zhejiang at the time. Among the important pieces of the cultural relics are the Yong Bell with cloud-and-thunder decorative patterns of the Western Zhou Dynasty unearthed in 1969 around Caolou Village of Changxing, the bronze cymbal of Western Zhou Dynasty unearthed in 1986 in Pan'an. The serial bells (a set of 7 pieces) unearthed in 1969 from Jiangshan mountains and the bronze Zheng (bell-shaped gong used in march) unearthed in 1977 in Shaoxing belong to the Spring and Autumn Period or the Warring States Period. What's more, a Warring State tomb in Mt. Huangjia of Changchuanba, Haiyan excavated primitive porcelain Yong bells (13 items), Gou Diao (12 pieces), and Zhun Yu (2 pieces), and Chongxian of Yuhang excavated some primitive pseudo-bronze serial bells. In March of 1982, a Warring State tomb in Mt. Lion of Shaoxing excavated a 170*130*115 mm. copper model house. In the house were 6 musicians, with 4 instrument players and 2 singing girls kneeling on the ground. The vivid and lifelike figures displayed a singing-and-dancing scene with a band.
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