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Zhejiang Folk Art Music
     Zhejiang folk art has a long history. As early as in Song Dynasty, Zhejiang folk art was very popular. The genres of the time included Jiang Shi Shu (history telling), Xiao Shuo, Shuo Jing, Shuo Hun Hua, Tan Chang Yin Yuan, Zhu Gong Diao, Gu Zi Ci, Chang Dao Qing, Tao Zhen, Ya Ci, He Sheng, Xiao Chang, Piao Chang, Chang Jing Ci, Shua Ling, Chang Bo Bu Duan, Xue Xiang Sheng, Xue Xiang Tan, etc. There are more than 30 recreational Wa Zi in Lin'an with folk artists giving out performances all the year round. Besides the hundred famous artists of different genres, Zhejiang folk art also had its guild-like organizations as Xiong Bian She (the declamation society) and E Yun She, as well as professional or amateur writers - Shu Hui Cai Ren. In Southern Song Dynasty, folk art was brisk in Zhejiang rural areas. Ping Hua, Tan Ci, Ci Hua, Dao Qing and Yu Gu handed down to Yuan and Ming Dynasties, and genres like Ping Hua, Nan Ci, Gu Ci , Tan Huang and Xuan Juan was especially prevailing in Qing Dynasty. Even after liberation, more than 60 genres survived (including those which are different in language and music, but same in form of performance) and continue to be active around Zhejiang.
     As far as its musical characteristics are concerned, Zhejiang folk art falls into the following main categories:

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