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Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau

(one) implementing the guidelines and policies of the party and state on cultural relics, studying and drafting the local laws and regulations for cultural relics protection, drawing up plans for the development of cultural relics and museums, and organizing the investigation of cultural relics resources. (two) guide and coordinate the work of cultural relics protection, fulfill the duties of cultural relics administrative law enforcement supervision, organize and investigate cultural relics illegal cases according to law, and cooperate with relevant departments to investigate cultural crime cases. (three) recommended to declare and responsible for the management of world cultural heritage, cooperative housing and urban construction departments in charge of the world cultural and natural heritage reporting and management; collaborative Department of housing and urban construction in the historical and cultural city (town, Village) recommended reporting and supervision and management work. (four) responsible for managing and directing the archaeological work in the whole province, organizing and coordinating the implementation of cultural relics protection and archaeological projects, taking charge of the management of provincial and provincial level cultural relics protection units, guiding and supervising the management of cultural relics protection units at the municipal level or at the county level. (five) responsible for the construction of cultural relics museum and promote the improvement of public service system, organize the formulation of cultural relics and museum public resource sharing planning and implementation, to guide the cultural relics and museum work, communication and coordination between the museum, guide the social cultural relics management. (six) to be responsible for the supervision and administration of the examination and approval, examination and approval of the cultural relics and museums and the approval and examination of relevant qualification qualifications. (seven) organize and instruct the propaganda work of cultural relics protection, draw up the planning of talent team construction in cultural relics and museums, and take charge of the professional qualification evaluation of the professionals in the province. (eight) to guide and coordinate the work of science and technology and information on the protection of cultural relics and the management of Tibetan products, and to be responsible for the implementation and management of the provincial cultural relics protection science and technology projects. (nine) to manage and guide the exchange and cooperation of cultural relics and museums to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and to be responsible for the licensing and identification of the entry and exit of cultural relics. (ten) to undertake other matters to be handled by the provincial government and the Provincial Department of culture.