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Zhejiang Song & Dance Theatre

Source: Updated:2018-05-15

Organization Name:Zhejiang Song & Dance Theatre

Person in Charge:Wang Wenlong

Address:33 Shuguang Road, Hangzhou







Zhejiang Song & Dance Theatre is located by the beautiful West Lake. As a national advanced collective of cultural system reform, a key cultural export enterprise and advanced collective of splendid traditional culture education popularization activities in Zhejiang Province, it is a professional state-owned art performance troupe with the largest scale and most various types, including departments such as Dance Performance Center, Folk Music Performance Center, Butterfly Girls Band, Vocal Music Performance Center, Chorus, Art Training School, Zhejiang Concert Hall and Zhejiang New Times Performance Entertainment Company with nearly 300 art talents of various types.

For 60 years, Zhejiang Song & Dance Theatre has been working hard in fields of music and dance, accumulating a batch of classical plays (programmes), cultivating a batch of representative artists like Zhao Songting, Qian Zhaoxi, Sun Hongmu, Tan Lijuan and Ye Caihua as well as young and middle-aged art backbones like Liu Fuyang, Yan Shengmin and Zheng Peiqin. Many works and performers have won national art awards successively, with footprints covering dozens of regions and countries such as Europe, America, Asia and Africa.In recent years, the Theatre has created excellent works such as the first original animation song & dance drama Magic Wonderland, original dance drama Li Shutong, national dance drama Wang Xizhi, small dance drama Traces of Dance in Life, original romantic song & dance Ink-painted Jiangnan, national orchestral music Random Thoughts on Dwelling in Fuchun Mountains, Butterfly Girls Band Butterfly Dancing Through Years and national opera Song of Youth, winning wide applause. Many works won silver and gold awards as well as the highest honor “Special Award of Jury” in competitions such as “National Dance Competition”, China Dance “Lotus Award”, “Chinese Folk Music A Hundred Tour” and “Zhejiang Drama Theatre”. It has won “Special Award” and “Gold Award” in one city and 6 provinces across East China as well as the highest award “Star of East China”. Tea Picking Dance created was included by UNESCO into textbooks and represented voice of human beings to fly over vast astrospace. Dozens of original plays (programmes) and choreographers have been selected into national art fund. National song drama Song of Youth was successfully chosen to be the key supporting program for “Chinese National Opera Traditional Development Project”. Meanwhile, it was listed as the key program of Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and Provincial Department of Culture.

Zhejiang Song & Dance Theatre will take construction of “Cultural Zhejiang” as the goal to struggle for, regard art development as the guide, take root in Zhejiang, serve the whole country, march towards the world and continuously drive the Theatre with cultural confidence to make progress to newer, better and stronger commanding heights.