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Zhejiang Folk Art & Acrobatics General Troupe Co, Ltd. China

Source: Updated:2018-05-15

Organization Name:Zhejiang Folk Art & Acrobatics General Troupe Co, Ltd. China

Person in Charge:WU HANGPING

Address:No. 8 1A/2A, C District, West Lake Cultural Square, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. China


Phone:0086-571-88915951 88915947

Fax:0086-571-88915951 88915947




Zhejiang Folk Art & Acrobatics General Troupe was built in 1997 on the basis of the original Zhejiang Folk Art Troupe. In 2005, it was awarded the title of “Advanced Collective of the National Cultural System” by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Culture. In 2010, it became one of the first batch of restructured troupes of the Zhejiang Provincial Art Troupe and was rebranded as the State-owned Culture and Arts Enterprise, Folk Art & Acrobatics General Troupe Co, Ltd. There are nearly 200 cast members, including more than 40 staff with senior titles. There are three art production entities and a performance management entity subordinated to it, namely, Zhejiang Balladry Troupe, Zhejiang Farce Troupe, Zhejiang Acrobatic Troupe, and Zhejiang Celebrity Performance Company, boasting a provincial-level comprehensive professional art performance group with near 2000 domestic shows and about one hundred overseas shows annually in average.

The Zhejiang Balladry Troupe was formerly the Zhejiang Folk Arts Team established in 1959. It once had Wang Xiongfei, Xing Ruiting, Wang Baiyin, Xu Tianxiang, and other art masters who had their own styles. Adhering to the instructional spirit of “cultivating talents, creating arts and doing the right thing” of Comrade Chen Yun, the Troupe focuses on the cultivation of reserve talents; in 2008, there were two members who won the “Top Ten Gold List” of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Outstanding Young Actor Television Competition, and now, with representatives as Shen Wenjun and Yan Lihua, the Troupe members are continuing the development of the cause of Zhejiang storytelling and ballad singing. There have also been new achievements in the bibliographic creation. The Troupe has won 3 successive Chinese Folk Arts “Peony Awards” and won 32 awards at the 5th Suzhou Story-telling and Ballad Singing Art Festival. In 2011, it was recognized by the State Council and the Ministry of Culture as a state-level protection unit of intangible cultural heritage “story-telling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect”.

Zhejiang Farce Troupe was founded in 1993 and focuses on performing burlesque, crosstalk, and sketch. Since its inception, the Troupe has taken the initiative to rehearse a series of healthy, positive and outstanding plays geared to the market, such as Two Runners of Suzhou Yamen, Who is the Father, Doom of Swan, Life and Death, and Three-point Covenant. Among them, Two Runners of Suzhou Yamen and Who is the Father are among the first batch of burlesques appeared in Taiwan and Macau, and has achieved both economic and social benefits. The shows also won many awards in the Chinese Folk Arts Peony Award contests and other contests of sketch and crosstalk.

Zhejiang Acrobatic Troupe was founded in 1997 and is the most widely-received group with the highest number of awards at home and abroad. From its inception to the present, the Troupe has continued to develop and innovate on the basis of inheriting traditions, and has embarked on a sustainable development path of “program premiumising and troupe branding”. The Flying across five interlocked rings, Plunging through groumd hoops, Zen, Martial Arts – Head Techniques, Bloom of Winter Jasmine – Turning Blanket, Liangzhu Jade Birds – Skin Crane, Dawn on the Su Causeway in Spring, Ink Lotus, Dream of the West Lake – Umbrella Techniques and other excellent shows that are dominated by Chinese characteristics has won the highest prize of the French Marcy International Circus Festival - “President of the Republic Award” Gold Award, the Gold Award of the French Dumont International Acrobatics Festival, the Gold Award of the Italian Golden International Circus Festival, the Gold Award of the Wuhan International Acrobatic Arts Festival, the Gold Award of the Chinese Acrobatic Golden Chrysanthemum Award and the Silver Award of the French Tomorrowland Acrobatic Festival and other important awards for the Troupe and opened the international performance market. The company has repeatedly performed with the Kringe Circus in Switzerland and has been invited by Producer Maydon to perform in the Netherlands and Russia for many times. As an ambassador for the arts, Zhejiang Acrobatic Troupe also performed on behalf of China in major foreign affairs events such as the 2007 SCO Bishkek Summit and 2017 SCO Astana Summit, giving excellent performance with Chinese characteristics that won glory for the motherland and the people.

Zhejiang Celebrity Performance Company is engaged in organizing various large-scale performance activities, the opening ceremony of the 5th Chinese Folk Art Festival, the introduction of Hong Kong and Macao stars like Tian Niu, Alex Man, and Siegfried & Roy from the US to give performance in Hangzhou; it also participated in the production of online movies. The Company has extensive experience in promoting, brokering, and acting for all kinds of theatrical performances, making positive contributions to the prosperity of Zhejiang’s stage arts and enrichment of the spiritual and cultural life of the broad masses of the people.

As a provincial-level comprehensive professional art performance group, Zhejiang Folk Art & Acrobatics General Troupe has the advantages of diverse art types, flexible operating mechanisms, and strong market development capabilities, and possesses extraordinary strength in the fierce competition in the international and domestic performance markets, boasting one of the most important organic forces in the construction of a “Cultural Zhejiang”.