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Zhejiang Beijing Opera and Kunqu Opera Center (Zhejiang Beijing Opera Troupe)

Source: Updated:2018-05-15

Organization Name:Zhejiang Beijing Opera and Kunqu Opera Center (Zhejiang Beijing Opera Troupe)

Person in Charge:Weng Guosheng

Address:4 Floor, A Block, Yao Jiang Guang Sha, No. 126, Yanan Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou






Zhejiang Beijing Opera Troupe was founded in 1969. It is the first batch of “National Key Provincial Opera Troupes”of Ministry of Culture. It has been awarded the "Advanced Collective" Medal of the National Cultural System by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Social Security. Weng Guosheng is the incumbent head of the troupe, Secretary of the General Party branch and Art Director.

In the past 50 years, the Troupe has gathered a number of famous artists and excellent actors, and a large number of new art shows have sprung up. At present, 82 members of the troupe have obtained the advanced art professional title. The troupe attaches great importance to the construction of the repertoire. For many years, on the basis of inheriting the traditional tradition, many new operas, traditional operas and highlights from operas have been created and inherited, and the youth combination of "Five Beijing Flowers" in Zhejiang and Beijing has been introduced, which organized a Beijing opera performance special for many outstanding young actors. The Martial Arts Trilogy of Southern Beijing Opera of Zhejiang, Bao Lian Deng, Nezha and General Feihu, has achieved "win-win" of social effects and performance benefit. The modern opera Tibetan Antelope jointly created by the troupe and Qinghai province has won many artistic awards. The Trilogy of Beijing Opera with Pathos King Oedipus, General Feihu, and Lan Ling Wang, has caused great repercussions at home and abroad.

In recent years, the troupe has won Key Repertoire Award of National Exquisite Stage Art Works and has been selected as the "Key Funded Repertoire of Large Stage Play" of National Art Fund and has won "Annual Funded Project Award" of National Exquisite Stage Art Works for four times. The troupe also won various arts awards such as "Wenhua New Drama Awards" of Chinese Art Festival, "Outstanding Repertoire Award" of National Ethnic Arts Festival, "Gold Award of Repertoire" of Chinese Peking Opera Art Festival, "Special Honor Award" of the Chinese Beijing Opera Festival, "Original Repertory Award" of National Drama Culture Award, "Golden Peacock Award" of Chinese Minority Drama Festival, “Best Repertoire Award” of Shanghai National Excellent Children's Drama, "Excellent Stage Mnimation Work Award" of National Ministry of Culture, "Key Funded Project Award of Zhejiang Exquisite Stage Art Works", “Zhejiang Five-one Project Award, and "Excellent Repertoire Award" of Zhejiang Drama Festival.

While paying attention to the construction of art, Weng led the whole group to open up the overseas performance market, and visited more than 40 countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Central Asia and the Middle East, and received the enthusiastic praise from the overseas audience.