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Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Culture & Art

Source: Updated:2018-05-15

Organization Name:Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Culture & Art

Person in Charge:Jia Xiaodong

Address:5F, Suite B, Building 7, Xixi Xinzuo, No. 550 Xixi Rd, Hangzhou






Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Culture & Art is a non-profit institute subordinate to Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture with the approval of Zhejiang Committee. Following Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, it works on the principle of innovation and open-mindedness, devotes itself to making Chinese culture prosper, making effort to becoming an influential, original, and cutting-edge institute and think tank.

The Institute now consists of 8 departments, namely: Office, Research Institute of Drama, Research Institute of Public Culture, Research Institute of Visual Art, Research Institute of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Development Planning Center, Editorial Department of Cultural Periodicals, and Cultural Archive. The Editorial Department of Cultural Periodicals includes the editorial departments of Studies in Culture & Art, Xiwen, and Zhejiang Culture Monthly; it also takes on the role of Office of the Editorial Committee of The History of Zhejiang.