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Ancient Rhyme in Modern Times, Feeling History

Source:(Foreign Affairs Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture) Updated:2018-06-20

  On the night of June 19, National Art Foundation Project “Ancient Rhyme in Modern Times- Fan Exhibition of the Xiling Seal Art Society Collection of the Seals of the Past Dynasties of the Original Rubbings of the Prefaces and Postscripts” hosted by the Centre Culturel De Chine A Paris and the Xiling Seal Art Society, supported by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and co-organized by Paris Huaxing Art Troupe and Association of Hangzhouese in Europe opened in the Centre Culturel De Chine A Paris. More than 80 Chinese and French cultural, business, media representatives and Chinese Indian culture lovers including Yan Zhenquan, director of the Centre Culturel De Chine A Paris, Shen Zhongwen, the deputy director, He Ping, deputy director of Xiling Seal Art Society Committee, Chen Xiang, chairman of the Association of Hangzhouese in Europe and chairman of New Europe Group, Wang Chengyi, deputy head of Huaxing Art Troupe, Zhang Xiaobei, president of the European Times Media Group, Gao Shijun, head of Western Europe General Station of China Radio International, Liang Yang, editor-in-chief of the European Times Media Group attended the opening ceremony.
This exhibition is one of the series of exchange activities held by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and the Centre Culturel De Chine A Paris in the year of French Zhejiang Year of Culture.
The exhibition consists of fans and seals. Fan works are in the form of the seal of past dynasties of the original rubbings of prefaces and postscripts collected by Xiling Seal Art Society, integrating seal cutting essence, fan calligraphy and preface and postscript, which presents a vivid history of seal cutting and reflects the profound skill and interest of the members of Xiling Seal Art Society. It is the worship and inheritance of integrated traditional humanistic spirit of the ancient "poem, calligraphy, painting and seal", which demonstrates the artistic charm and inheritance value of traditional culture.

The exhibition also invited the French member of Xiling Seal Art Society, Long Leheng, to exchange his works. Mr. long Leheng, who joined Xiling Seal Art Society in 2003, is a Ph.D. in Sinology from the National Oriental language Institute in Paris with profound Chinese national scholarship. He has translated Fifteen Strings of Coins-A Drama of the Kun Opera in French, written books on A Study on the Use of Seven Military Classics, Calligraphy Art of Liangsi Zhai Seal Carving, Chinese Contemporary Etiquette Guide, Definition of Jade in Ancient Literature and so on. He is erudite and has held exhibitions in the mainland and Taiwan many times, showing the in-depth study of Chinese seal cutting art by French artists.

After the opening of the exhibition, The first French Open course in “Xiling School” was held in the lobby of the new building. Qiao Zhongshi, member of Xiling Seal Art Society and deputy curator of the China Sigillography Museum, gave a lecture on the art of Chinese seal cutting, popularizing Chinese seal cutting to the audience. After the lecture, Qiao Zhongshi and Long Leheng brought together the "Xiling School" seal cutting experience class. They taught their students how to feel seal cutting by hand, let them carefully understand the different usage of "pushing cut" and "chopping cut" and cut “harmony”, “happiness”, “luck” and etc. within a square inch. The French students at the scene were excited and began to experience it one after another. Under the guidance of the teachers, the students successfully completed their "China Seal" seal cutting works, personally pondering the unique Chinese charm in the square inch. A young French audience expressed his excitement by holding his work in his hands that when he was a child, he had seen the ancient and magical Chinese engraving on TV. Tonight, he was able to experience it personally and feel the subtleties of it. He not only saw the fan and seal exhibits, which represent the highest level of China, but also completed his own learning results and deeply appreciated the charm of Chinese characters and seal cutting.

Director Yan Zhenquan said that the activity has further promoted the local people of France to better understand the Chinese traditional culture and art, further promoted the cultural exchange between China and France, and laid the foundation for a broader and more in-depth exchange of learning in the future.