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Intangible Cultural Heritage "Shizhuzhai" of Xiacheng District Established a Scholarship in UK

Source:(By Wu Zhe from the Intangible Cultural Heritage Center of Xiacheng District Updated:2018-07-03

In recent days, the launching ceremony of "Huayun Shizhuzhai Scholarship for Woodblock Printing", and the opening ceremony of the woodblock printing art class have been held in the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, during which Mr. Wei Lizhong, inheritor of the national-level intangible cultural heritage of Xiacheng District, also curator of Hangzhou Shizhuzhai Art Gallery has introduced the art of woodblock printing to Prince Charles. Khaled Azzam, dean of the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, and Delfina Bottesini, academic dean of the School have attended the two ceremonies. On the very day, Prince Charles also enjoyed the Shizhuzhai Literature Exhibition at the gallery of the School, and spoke highly of woodblock prints such as the Five Oxen, 24 Solar Terms, and Portrait of Prince Charles. Wei Lizhong introduced the art of woodblock printing and the process to make a woodblock print, and presented Prince Charles with a woodblock print themed by his portrait as a gift. Then, some students of the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts had an experience of making woodblock prints.

The woodblock printing, also called the art of ancient color printmaking, integrates painting, engraving and printing, having been praised as "a unique skill excelling in painting, engraving and printing". In 2014, Shizhuzhai's art of woodblock printing has been listed among the fourth batch of national intangible cultural heritages. It is the first art scholarship named after an intangible cultural heritage and jointly established by Hangzhou Shizhuzhai Art Gallery and China Yongxin Huayun Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. in an overseas art school to fund excellent students fond of Chinese traditional art to further their study in the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. The woodblock printing is an ancient craftsmanship of China. We wish to combine the traditional craftsmanship with the modern art, and to impress more foreign friends with the charm of Chinese traditional culture, said Wei Lizhong.