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“The Belt and Road" China Fine Arts and Crafts Global Exhibition

Source: Updated:2018-07-30

  Recently, at the "Belt and Road" Global Exhibition of Chinese Fine Arts and Crafts, Longquan celadon and Longquan sword have been on display in Mongolia Chinese Cultural Center.

  During the event, Longquan donated Longquan celadon, Longquan sword and other precious handicrafts to the Mongolian National Museum. Zhejiang Merchants Chamber of Commerce also announced that "Intelligent Action" would enter Mongolia, through purchase of cochlear implant for Mongolian deaf and mute children by auctioning part of the exhibition works.

  It is reported that The Belt and Road, a global exhibition of fine arts and crafts in China, aims to actively respond to the "The Belt and Road" initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping. Longquan celadon and Longquan sword are the main carriers of Longquan's external communication and exchange. With the help of traditional arts and crafts culture, it promotes the cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world, and promotes the integration and development of Chinese and foreign arts and crafts culture industries.