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 In the end of Qing dynasty, all tunes thrived into intense competition with one another. By right of long years of accumulation in culture and theater, local operas mushroomed in Zhejiang province, which was always known as "the cradle of operas". Among the influential ones are Tanhuang of Ningbo (Yong opera), Tanhuang of Huzhou (Hu opera), Tanhuang of Yuyao, Sanjiao Xi (Mu Opera), Wulin Troupe (Hang Opera), burlesque, and Yue Opera, with Yue Opera being the quickest developing and the most impressive.
    Yue Opera, originated from Shenxian County within Shaoxing area, was first known as "mini singing troupe", or "Didu troupe", or "Shaoxing Opera". In the mid 30's, in order to differ from Shaoxing Major Opera, it was renamed after the ancient Yue state as Shaoxing used to be the capital of that state about 2000 years ago. At its birth, it was a kind of singing along the country roads of Shanxian County during Qing Dynasty. It had experienced three stages as all roles in the play were performed first by all actors, then by both actors and actresses, and finally by all actresses. When it moved into Shanghai, there emerged some outstanding actresses like Shi Yinhua, Zhao Ruihua, Wang Xinghua and Yao Shuijuan. In 1942, Yuan Xuefen was the first one who advocated reform in Yue Opera. Working together with the stringed instrument player Zhou Baocai, she created several basic tunes like Chidiao and Xianxiadiao. After certain elements of movie and drama have been introduced to the performance of Yue Opera, it becomes a most important opera style next to Beijing Opera in China characterized by beautiful singing and lyrical plot. In the early 1980's when full scale construction was underway and when cultural development was greatly encouraged by government, a number of Yue opera performing troupes with a contingent of outstanding actors and actresses have emerged, as best represented by the rising of Zhejiang Little Hundred-flower Yue Opera Troupe with leading performers such as Mao Weitao, He Ying, Dong Kedi, He Saifei and Fang Xuewen. Similar troupes also appeared in Shaoxing and Ningbo. The fresh blood by the Westlake side and in other parts of Zhejiang Province well proves that there is no lack of successors in the bright career of Yue opera.
Yue Opera The Love of Pear Blossoms
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