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 At the beginning of the Republic of China (1912-1949), there was a decline in Zhejiang playwriting and the same dreariness could be felt on the stage with fewer performances. However, it was the time that gave birth to a giant in the theoretic field of tunes. He was the world famous scholar Wang Guowei.
    Wang Guowei (1877-1927), or Jing'an, was born in the town of Yanguan in Haining. He was a famous scholar on literature, history and drama. In his lifetime, he produced huge amount of works, such as Record on Tunes, Tunes of Song and Yuan Dynasty, Origin of Opera, Quote of the Performers, Roles in Ancient Plays, Operas of Song and Yuan Dynasty. Especially in the last book, he brought relatively scientific viewpoints to the research of operas of Song and Yuan Dynasty and demonstrated fully the origin, the formation, the characteristics and the achievements of Chinese operas. The book is the pioneer in ancient opera research and opens up a brand new subject of theatric works that used to be blank in the history of Chinese culture.
Wang Guowei
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