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Since the establishment of China in 1949, Zhejiang theater has not only maintained the variety of local operas, but also made great contribution to get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh. Zhejiang Kunsu Troupe put on stage the adapted The Palace of Eternal Life and Fifteen Guan, which created a novel way for the opera. Especially when the latter was shown on Beijing's stage in 1956, the successful adaptation of the original play aroused great admiration. Premier Zhou highly praised Zhejiang's effort and said the play had rescued its kind. People's daily issued an editorial saying that it was a very successful model and the whole country should learn from it. In the 50's, the Zhejiang theatric world was exceptionally spectacular with a series of excellent traditional plays being adapted and restaged. For instance, Wu opera The Broken Bridge known as the No. 1 bridge in the world, Shao opera The Monkey King Fighting the Skeleton Monster,, Kun opera The West Garden Tale, Yue opera Rouge and Yu Qian all evoked hearty response from the audience all over the country.
The West Garden Tale
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