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Zhejiang theater was greatly impinged during the culture revolution. It was not until the 80's when the provincial Xiao-Bai-Hua (One Hundred Flowers) Yue Opera Troupe was founded did Zhejiang theater revive and begin to thrive again.
    The troupe was composed of 40 excellent actresses chosen from more than 60 troupes, 3000 performers and 400 learners in the province. The best playwrights, directors, composers and stage artists were also included. The troupe added youthful spirit into the traditional opera, and made it even more beautiful together with the exploitation of modern stage techniques. A bunch of talented performers came into being, Mao Weitao being the best representative and a set of elaborate works were also brought forth, such as The West Chamber, Five Daughters Offering Birthday Felicitations, Hong Si Cuo, Bitterness in Han Palace, Lu You and Tang Wan.
The West Chamber
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