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 Under this lively and dynamic theatric atmosphere, 18 performers have won the national highest prize "Plum Flower Prize" for Chinese opera so far. Yue opera The Tale of Thornwood Hairpin, The Love of Pear Blossoms, Shao Opera Very Close to Mt. Linshan, Wu Opera The Daughter of Kunlun and Kun Opera Zhang Xie the No. 1 Scholar of the Country come out one after another, and won extensive admiration as well as many national prizes, such as the "Five Project Prize" issued by China Publicity Ministry and "Wen Hua Prize" by Culture Ministry. The West Chamber by Zhejiang Xiao-Bai-Hua Yue Opera Troupe was awarded the China Theatric Society Gold Shield Prize, which is the highest in the field. In 2003, Zhejiang Province will undertake the 7th China Art Festival. Now, various elaborate works are underway. The Zhejiang stage is vibrant with life and will continue to grow luxuriantly.
(Writer: Xiang Xiaoyan, Translator: Zhang Ying)
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