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Many influential plays in the known drama history are produced by local born playwrights:
    Zhang Xie, the No. 1 Scholar: the earliest South Opera play known so far. It was written by a gifted scholar in Jiushan Society (Jiushan being the other name of Wenzhou) of the Song Dynasty. The story goes as follows: On his way to the state examination in the capital, the scholar Zhang Xie is robbed and left penniless in Mt. Wuji. Fortunately, he is rescued by a poor girl and the two get married. Later on, when Zhang Xie became the No. 1 Scholar of the country, the prime minister Wang Deyong wanted Zhang Xie to be his son-in-law, but he refused. So the daughter of Wang dies of depression. However, for some reasons, Zhang Xie stabs the poor girl ungratefully with a sword on his way to the post. The girl is saved by Wang and becomes his adopted daughter. After several twists and turns, the couple reunites in the end. (Note: This play is re-staged by Wenzhou Yongjia Academy of Kunqu Transmission and Study, and is listed as one among the Wenzhou "New South Opera Serial" Project.)
Zhang Xie, the No. 1 Scholar
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