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 Kunshan Tune and Yiyang Tune were introduced into Zhejiang Province soon afterwards and the legend playwriting reached its peak with a great number of famous writers and masterpieces coming forth one after another. There were about 50 playwrights who were renowned throughout the country, such as Bu Shichen, Ye Xianzu, Tu Long, Shen Jing, Chen Yujiao, Gao Lian, Shi Pan, Zhao Chaojun, Shen Sheng, Meng Chenshun and Ling Mengchu. Among the 100 influential plays were The Tale of Holly, Luan Bi Tale, The Tale of Night-Blooming Cereus, The Tale of Chiffon, The Tale of Parrot, The Tale of Cherry, The Tale of Red Plum, Jiao Hong Ji, Zhen Wen Ji, The Tale of Frightened Swan Goose, Jiao Pa Ji and The Tale of Eight Righteous Men. The following have often been put onto stage till now:
    The Tale of Interlinks by Huzhou playwright Wang Ji. It was during the Three Kingdom Period when the story took place. The minister Wang Yun and his beautiful adopted daughter Diao Chan, cleverly worked out a set of interlocking stratagems and weeded out the wicked Dong Zhuo.
    The Tale of Boundless Loyalty by Wukang playwright Yao Maoliang. It is about the famous general Yue Fei oppugning the invasion from the reign of Jin and it is the repertoire of all local operas in Zhejiang Province.
The Tale of Jade Hairpin by Qiantang playwright Gao Lian. It is about the love affair between the scholar Pan Bizheng and the nun Chen Miaochang, the two acts - the Music Stirring and the Autumn River - being the most famous ones in the play.
    The Tale of Red Plum by Yinxian playwright Zhou Chaojun. It is about the love story between the scholar Pei Yu and two women Lu Zhaorong and Li Huiniang.
    The Tale of the Colored Brush Pen by Yinxian playwright Tu Longzhi. It is about the famous poet Li Bai. The Act Taibai Gets Drunk is still the repertoire of Zhou Chuanying and Wang Chuansong in Zhejiang Kunqu Troupe.
    When Kunshan Tune reigned through the competition of four major tunes, when legend was in the rage, and when Zhejiang Province harvested rich theatrical fruits, Za-Ju of Yuan Dynasty also blossomed in Zhejiang, among which the Four Voices of Apes by Xu Wei was the best and the most influential one.
    The center of Za-Ju of Yuan dynasty moved southward to Hangzhou which was known for its ample products and beautiful sceneries. Some Za-Ju masters like Guan Hanqin and Ma Zhiyuan were attracted to Hangzhou, and so did many talented performers like Zhulianxiu. The tendency of the shift to the south continued into the Ming Dynasty.
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