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 Ming Dynasty witnessed a bumper crop in both playwriting and theatrical researching, especially during the middle period, there were great number of famous playwrights, theorists and masterpieces. In cities around Shaoxing came forth the Mid-Yue School, a school of theatrical theories, which was headed by Xu Wei. Most of the members in the school were both playwrights and theorists, with identical or similar views on playwriting, critique and theatrical aesthetics. The representatives were Xu Wei, Wang Jide, Lv Tiancheng, Qi Biaojia, Meng Chengshun, Ling Mengchu, etc. In addition to the above mentioned South Ci Poetry Record by Xu Wei, the other works of the Mid-Yue School included the following:
    The Law of Tunes by Wang Jide. Wang Jide or Boliang, was born in Huiji (the present Shaoxing). The Law of Tunes is the first systematic and unique theatrical monograph that is composed of 40 chapters, covering all categories of theatrical theories. It emphasizes on research, while holding in esteem the "Prototype Theory" of Xu Wei.
    Appreciating Tunes by Lv Tiancheng. Lv Tiancheng, or Qinzhi, was born in Yuyao. Appreciating Tune is not only a critical work on the playwrights and their works of Ming Dynasty, but also the earliest directory so far of legend playwrights and their brief biography. Its theory about beauty in both lyrics and tunes is very impressive.
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