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  The Hangzhou Sing-and-Dancing Troupe was established in June 1959. It always stresses the creation and development of dancing operas with distinct cultural features of the region. Among the favorably commented programs are mini-sized dance Three Poles Mirroring The Moon, Eagle and Snake, the large-scaled dance Adorned Or Not, The Elegant River South and the dancing opera The White Snake and Xuxian. Another one, Sister Drum won seven prizes like the best program of the National Wenhua Award, and the best program of the National New Program Exhibition Performance.
         Ningbo Singing-and-Dancing Troupe was established in 1990. Its serial dance The Unique Scenery, mini-sized opera Love of The Shell Girl, Spirit On The Road and the dance with pipa accompaniment Autumn Water Under The Setting Sun are praised for their distinct regional flavor and time spirit. Another dancing opera, Man Jiang Hong (Red All Over The River), won the silver award of the National "Lotus Flower Award".
     Wenzhou Singing-and-Dancing Troupe was transformed in 1982 from Wenzhou Cultural Troupe. Due to lack of fund, it stopped running between 1991 and 1994. However, it was rebuilt in 1995. They produced such excellent programs as The Wrong Done To Dou'e, Wake Up, Brother, The Beauty of River Ou and The Bird Couple. Some programs full of ethos and rural flavors have won different prizes of the nation or province.
     The Zhejiang Art Vocational School (formerly Zhejiang Art School) and the dance department of Wenzhou Children's' Art School not only train a large number of professional talents, but also contributed many excellent programs.
Dance Breeze Over Mt. She
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