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     In addition to the above mentioned institutes, the folk singing-and-dancing teams initiated by Zhejiang Mass Art Center, municipal culture centers or stations and all kinds of enterprises are always active. The folk dances, usually giving a full play of their skills on Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc, greatly enrich people's life. These activities give birth to the excellent programs like Riffles of the Green Lotus Leaves, Country Willow, Nv Er Hong (wine prepared for the daughter's wedding), Moon in Hometown, Out There of the River Head, Lessons From The Sea, March in Watery Region, The Long and Winding Nanxi River, Night Chat in the Fishing Hut, The Sea Wind Blows. Among them, Hundred Leave Dragon and Flower Lantern Dance, which are dances for the squares, won the gold award of "All Star Award" issued by the National Culture Ministry; and Riffles of the Green Lotus Leaves won the first prize in the National Folk Music and Dance Competition.
    In 1999, the folk dances for squares Haining Flower Lantern Dance, Yuhang Rolling Lantern Dance and Qingtian Fish Lantern Dance were invited to perform in the variety show in the middle of Tian'an Men Square for the 50th birthday of People's Republic of China. They met with applause from the Party representatives and the leaders of the nation, and won many prizes.
          While carrying on the past, Zhejiang dance keeps changing, developing and opens a way for its bright, resplendent future.
     (Writer: Wu Lusheng, Translator: Zhang Ying)
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