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During Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties, the rich areas in the River south was lucky enough to be clear from the continuous wars on the Central Plain. Zhejiang dance continued to flourish with the inherited Han and Wei traditions, the blend of northern and southern cultures and its vivid imitation of real life.
      At that time, there was a village named Qian Xi (The Front Brook) in Deqing County of Huzhou, where all the villagers were adept at dancing skills. It gave birth to many famous dancers hence the name "the shrine of dances" (Hu Zai of Song Dynasty cited from Yu Jing's History of Grand Tang Kingdom in his book Collection of the Fishing Hermit at Tiaoxi Brook). "Qian Xi Singing and Dancing" was a kind of dance created to The Song of Qian Xi by the native born Cheqi General Chen Chong of Western Jin Dynasty. It prevailed all through the country, and was handed down to Liang, Chen, even to Tang Dynasty. Liu Shan of Chen wrote in his poem, "When the sun sets to behind the hill in the chants, Qian Xi dance begins by the pond." Similarly, Cui Hao of Tang Dynasty wrote in his poem, "I love the wonderful Qian Xi dance and sing whole night long, hoping the dawn never to come." According to the textual research of our country's dance historians, Qian Xi dance "was soft and sweet and full of folk flavors of the River south" (P316, China Dance Dictionary). Qian Xi, was an alias of Yuying Brook in territory of Wukang before its annexation into Deqing County. The History of Wukang County written in the 16th century also has similar records as the following: "Yuying Brook, alias Qian Xi, was about one hundred steps away in the south of the county. Shen Chong, a local in Wukang in Jin Dynasty" For its unique artistic glamour, the folk dance of Qian Xi had been handed down for 4 to 5 centuries.
      In Tongqing Orchard of Wuyi, Zhejiang, a Vase of Western Jin Dynasty was unearthed. On the neck of the vase was not only dancing figures jumping, clapping and head standing, but also some figures of puppet dancers who performed among the instrument players.
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