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Zhejiang’s Public libraries in Zhejiang Province

Libraries are treasure houses of human knowledge, window of civilization as well as the social university for common people. Libraries contribute to the development of socialistic cultural undertakings symbolizing social progress and level of civilization[More]
Figures of net-boat fair

More than 100 years ago,was the first vogue and genre Pictorail,there was a picture on it derectly showing the net-boat fair. ......[More]
Brilliant Theatrical Stage in Zhejiang Province

As one of the birthplaces of ancient Chinese civilization. Zhejiang province has enjoyed the rich culture and prosperous economy, in which the pre-historical culture, Hemudu Culture and Liangzhu Culture......[More]
Museumes in Zhejiang Province

Museum,the widely known word,comes into ourworld in the modern times since the first museum was given birth in England, 1682.It has been accompanying human social progress straight. Nowadays,as the .........[More]
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